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Welcome to Night Diving Phuket

Welcome to Night Diving Phuket

We are simply a small group of dedicated professional divers that love night diving

We’ve just built this new website in the hope of increasing exposure and awareness to Phukets almost non-existent night diving industry, we want to get more people in the water at night to see our amazing reefs and dive spots. We simply want you to experience it with us. Come and join us for one of our peak bio-luminescence or reef spawning night dives!

We will be posting videos and photography from our night diving activities and hopefully you will come along and join us as well, we’d love to show you our spectacular dive locations.

Feel free to get in contact with us and ask us any questions you may have about night diving or joining us on a night dive, we are always available. If you are ready to night dive, sign up for one using the forms and we will get in contact with you to finalise the details for an awesome adventure below the water.

Any comments or questions about the web-site please use the contact us page or email us.