Dive by moonlight, see Phuket Thailands awesome Bioluminescence & night time reef critters - Night Diving Phuket

Night diving in Phuket brings out spectacular creatures like this electric Cuttlefish
  • Night diving right here
    in Phuket, cheap, fun
    easy & awesome

  • Beautiful creatures like
    this Spanish Dancer
    come out to play
    on our dives

  • Psychedellic Frog fish
    another cool evening
    creature you
    may find

Phukets Only Night Diving Experience

We are night divers. Let us guide the way and show you some of Phukets best scuba diving spots by moonlight

Night diving in Phuket

Night diver taking a selfy while diving in Phuket

See extreme bioluminescent light shows while night diving in Phuket

Interested in a night dive or just want something more exciting while scuba diving in Phuket? Than spend an evening hunting for Octopus, Cuttlefish and Nudibranch all the while conducting your own underwater light show.

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Special lunar calendar dives

Mandarin fish looking into the camera lens

Ever done a Black Moon, Super Moon, Micro Moon or Full Moon dive?

What could be more exciting than diving at night? How about doing it at special times of the lunar calendar, see the reef spawning or truly off the scale bioluminescence. If that sounds cool, than sign up for one of our special night dives!

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Recaps, facts & equipment

Diver swimming in front of a cave in the twilight hours

We like to write about all things related to diving once the sun sets!

Read through our blog as we write about our evening diving adventures, why scuba diving in the twilight is the best type of recreational diving available and the equipment we find worthy of a write up. Enjoy!

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