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The Best & Only Night Diving Torch You Will Ever Need

The Best & Only Night Diving Torch You Will Ever Need

The Orca D550 is a light saber among laser pens

If you are an avid night diving enthusiast like me, you will have been wholly disappointed with the meek and expensive offerings that exist for scuba diving torches. Many of the big manufacturers will charge around 200$ for a 200 lumen dive torch. This is highway robbery, especially when you can just go onto eBay and score yourself a 1,000 lumen torch for as little as 12$.

If you are not sue what a ‘lumen’ is, you would not be alone. A lumen is simply the unit of measurement we use to determine the strength or in more correct terms the intensity of a beam of light. The higher the lumen rating, the more light you get, simple right. But you can’t just go by max lumen output, you have to remember that a night dive will probably be about 45 minutes a minimum, and you are definitely going to want your torch for the whole dive, at near full power. This is why we don’t buy from Chinese manufacturers on eBay. Those torches though they are powerful and won’t leak, usually only last for about 20 minutes! So be very careful buying those.

Ok, so what about this Orca D550, why is it so cool, why is it the only torch I will ever use until they bring out a new model, let me explain. My first underwater torch was a ScubaPro, cost me 200$, for 200 Lumens, lasts 2 – 3 dives at full power and requires 3 large D batteries each time. That actually gets expensive, especially if you live on a small remote island!

Over the course of the next few years I determined that the best properties for a scuba diving torch to have would be the following

  • 1 Rechargeable Battery
  • 2 -3 Hours at max power
  • High lumen output
  • Push Button operation

I was lucky enough to find the perfect torch about 1 year ago today. The Orca D550 is 720 Lumen of brilliant white beam, a light saber among laser pens, 1 rechargeable 18650 battery, that lasts usually 2.5 hours at full power with push button on/off operation, so you can throw away all those two handed screw operation torches!

The torch is super strong, with a triple o-ring design, it will never leak on you. If you do yourself a favor this year, improve your night diving gear with the Orca d550, I own two, one as a trusty backup and one for cooking shrimps on my night diving!